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Red cover book Outside Time by Hannah Wright Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall food farming gardening

A fascinating book about farming and gardening in the prison serviceA fascinating book about farming and gardening in the prison serviceA fascinating book about farming and gardening in the prison serviceA fascinating book about farming and gardening in the prison service

Hannah Wright

Placewise Press

ISBN: 9780995747500

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A gem of a book

Professor Alison Liebling Department of Criminology University of Cambridge

OUTSIDE TIME is a gem of a book: a history of, tribute to, and eulogy for prison horticulture and agriculture. 

Staff who grow plants and livestock are exceptionally good at growing people too. The prison service should 'get back outside'. 

A moving, informative, and personal tale.

Prof. Alison Liebling, Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Cambridge

An unexpected pleasure

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall food writer broadcaster campaigner

OUTSIDE TIME is an unexpected pleasure - well-written, fascinating and full of heart. 

But above all OUTSIDE TIME is a vital testament to the extraordinary power of gardening and growing food to heal broken lives. 

The prison service and the Department of Justice should take note.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, food writer, broadcaster and campaigner


Miriam Darlington author Owl Sense The Times nature notebook

OUTSIDE TIME is a fearless, passionate and deeply human treatise for rehabilitation by farming that makes perfect sense. 

OUTSIDE TIME shows that working the land, caring for livestock and producing nourishment reconnects hand, head and heart.


Miriam Darlington, academic, author of Owl Sense and journalist for The Times


Lord David Ramsbotham chief inspector of prisons author of foreword Outside Time by Hannah Wright

OUTSIDE TIME is a fascinating mix of personal stories, policy and practice.

I just hope that those responsible for rehabilitation read it, and learn from it.

Lord David Ramsbotham, Chief Inspector of Prisons 1995-2001

An antidote to cynicism

Sir Tim Smit Eden Project

OUTSIDE TIME is an antidote to cynicism: it provides lessons to all of us about reintroducing ourselves to the land and connecting to nature.

OUTSIDE TIME is a powerful reminder that the past has lessons to teach the future. It is a stimulating, warm and important book.


Sir Tim Smit, co-founder of the Eden Project

Greatly enjoyed

Outside Time by Hannah Wright a book about food, farming and gardening in the prison service

I have greatly enjoyed Outside Time. I do hope that it produces change.

I had no idea that farms were such a big thing in prisons.

Sir Richard Thompson, author of Gardening for Health (2018) and past president of the Royal College of Physicians