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Hannah Wright the writer

The writer

Hannah Wright author Outside Time: a personal history of prison farming and gardening

Hannah Wright grew up on prison farms surrounded by inmates. She is a writer and an environmental psychologist. She loves telling extraordinary stories about real people.

As an academic and research consultant she is better known as Dr. Hannah Devine-Wright 


My writing roots

A prisoner watering tomatoes in a greenhouse

Hannah has written lots of academic papers and reports about how our environment shapes who we are. 

She is very grateful to staff and prisoners working in the print shop at HMP Coldingley for printing OUTSIDE TIME.

How I write


Like her grandfather, Hannah sculpts and spins stories. She writes from the heart, giving voice to people whose stories would otherwise be untold. 

She is currently researching a book about the social and genetic origins of Blue-faced Leicester Sheep.

Please contact Hannah if you'd like to know more.