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Growing for health

Hannah grew up amongst prisoners who worked the land. Not so long ago, the prison service in England and Wales grew enough home-grown produce to feed the entire prison population three meals a day, 365 days a year. Now, as the coronavirus pandemic gives us pause to re-think our priorities. The author of Outside Time, Hannah Wright, makes the case for farming and gardening as a way to deliver benefits for our health, wealth and society.


Hannah is an environmental psychologist with more than twenty years experience of research into the relationship between people and their environment(s). She is an expert on green and blue health and knows that being in nature can make us feel more relaxed, refreshed and connected. 

Drawing on her professional experience, Hannah shows how looking after animals and working the land can be therapeutic for even the most hardened criminals. As communities come together to deal with the coronavirus crisis, learning to care for ourselves and others becomes ever more important. Outside Time makes the case that time spent outside is time well spent.


OUTSiDE TiME by Hannah Wright


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