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Without Hannah, the extraordinary success and experience of Farms & Gardens might have been dismissed or forgotten.

Maurice Codd, Head of Farms & Gardens 1982-1991

A vivid and inspiring story

The author tells, from her own experience backed up with meticulous research, a vivid and inspiring story that deserves to be widely read. 

It has left me in no doubt that Horticulture can and should provide prisoners with invaluable therapy as well as skills that are relevant both Inside and Outside.

Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall, landscape and garden designer


I could not put it down and finished it over two evenings. 

OUTSIDE TIME is fascinating, honest and thought provoking. How things have changed. I am fairly new to the prison system and it was a great insight into the history of prison farming and the sheer scale of prison farms compared to today.

Diane, HMPPS staff member


I loved OUTSIDE TIME so much. A subject I know absolutely nothing about and I was gripped. 

Grainne, Sussex

Beautifully written, so palatable. As soon as you start it is captivating.

Chris, Norfolk

I love it

I love the mix of personal story and broader picture. Very good writing - pacey, moving and engaging.

Gillian, Ireland

Very interesting

I found the book very interesting with some facts that I did not know.

Nigel, former prison farm manager

More feedback

I'd like to buy another book

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying 'Outside Time'. I'm reading it in slow, short bursts. I've loved all the detailed research combined with a very readable style and I'd like to buy another book for my friend.

Phil, ex-HMP staff, Devon

Very moving

OUTSIDE TIME is very moving. I really enjoyed the interweaving of the personal with a much larger story. It reminded me of Theodore Zeldin and 'Studs' Turkel.

Andrea, Sussex

We loved it

We loved reading OUTSIDE TIME. It's a real book about real things.

Yorkshire couple

A perfect present

My wife and I are both very interested in the restorative power of nature and the value of ecotherapy so I've bought the book to give to her. I shall be reading it myself once she’s done! :)

Nigel, London

A fascinating read

Really enjoying it Hannah. It's a fascinating read and very well written!

Mary, Spain


Q. How much does OUTSIDE TIME cost?

A. £12.99 plus p&p

Q. Can I order OUTSIDE TIME from my local bookshop, Waterstones or Amazon.co.uk?

A. Yes

Q. Can I buy a signed copy?

A. Yes. Please contact me if you would like me to add a personalised message or sign your book

Reader testimonials

I am a big fan!

All the themes in your book are really fascinating; any one could be used to produce yet another book! That just shows how social history is so important and how our own personal histories need to be recognised and documented.

Keep going, Hannah; I am a big fan!

Steph, Devon

A wonderful book

Insightful and informative. A wonderful book that reveals an aspect of prison life very few of us know anything about.

Kathy, Leicester

A love letter

The author writes with deep affection...Her passion and personal connections – Wright has known many of her interviewees for years – bring the book a level of empirical detail, texture, and feeling that would be difficult for most to convey. 

I love your writing style

I love your writing style - you have a real gift with a friendly conversational tone, filled with anecdotes and real personalities, interspersed with punchy facts and figures (truths).

Sonia, University lecturer

Such a great book

It's such a great book I've ordered another copy!

Tim, Dorset


A fascinating story - beautifully written and completely compelling - I could hardly put it down.

Sean Michael, review on Amazon

Book talk feedback

Really thought provoking

Lovely talk from Hannah, really thought provoking about how the prisons have been run in the past compared with today and discussing which system offers the best containment, care and rehabilitation and whether more farm prisons should be introduced. 

Jenny, Devon

Human stories

I liked the human stories of the prisoners, like the one where two prisoners were released early after saving the life of the farm manager. And the women who were unhappy about the animals they looked after being sent for slaughter. And I loved the 'F-off' fashioned by planted daffodil bulbs - worthy of an episode in Porridge!

Enid, Liverpool 

Very impressive

OUTSIDE TIME is very impressive! Massively well-researched and brought to life by interviews and personal stories. Amazing and very pleasing.

Jill, Lincolnshire

So much love

It's unbelievable. So much love. What a system was going on with men in the garden to rehabilitate and getting decent meals. And now, pre-packed meals!

Janet, Sheffield

Looking forward

I'm looking forward to indulging my self by reading OUTSIDE TIME.

Jayne, Lincolnshire


Thank you so much for delivering such a fascinating talk.

Hayridge Library, Devon